Freya Gaunt AIYEP 2016 – 2017

  • Rural Project Advisor at Pemberdayaan Perempuan untuk memurangi Kemiskinan (PPMK) – Empowering Women to Fight Poverty

  •  Public Relations Officer, Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

  • Writer and editor for JembARTan & Australian National University Graduate

 I participated in AIYEP 35 2016/2017, which was held in South Australia and South Sulawesi.  We undertook the community development component of the program in Tanah Beru, whilst the city phase of the program was in Makassar.  It was an incredible experience to live with local families who integrated us into their lives and treated us like their own children.   

There were many challenges with conducting development programs in a community we were unfamiliar with, however our Indonesian counterparts were incredible as they were able to help the Australian participants develop a greater understanding of local culture, norms and values and support the overall success of our projects. 

 Participating in AIYEP was an incredible experience that gave me an even better understanding of Indonesian culture, family and societal structures and an understanding of how development projects are implemented on the ground.  However, the most rewarding component of participating in AIYEP was the strong relationships I made with the participants and my host families.