AFS Career Guide

AFS Career Guide

The AFS career guide is designed to assist you in gaining deeper insights into your career journey, pinpointing the specific courses essential for your career advancement.

Agriculture & Food

The agriculture, food, and natural resources sectors wield substantial influence over our everyday existence. Without their contributions, we would face questions about our sustenance and the safety of our drinking water. These industries encompass a broad spectrum of activities, encompassing the creation, processing, promotion, funding, distribution, and enhancement of agricultural assets and resources. This includes everything from food and fibers to wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and various plant and animal goods.

Architecture & Construction

Exploring a Career in Architecture and Construction: Is It the Right Choice for You? If you often find yourself admiring buildings and imagining how to improve their design, or if you had a prolonged fascination with building blocks as a child, a career in architecture and construction might be your calling. This dynamic field offers opportunities for global travel and consistent demand, as the need for housing and infrastructure ensures a steady requirement for skilled architects and builders.

Arts & A/V Technology

The arts, audio/video technology, and communications are perfect for those seeking to challenge and develop their creative skills. These industries offer diverse design, performance, broadcasting, and writing job opportunities. While natural talent is a significant asset, it’s often not sufficient on its own. Possessing certified qualifications and cultivating a comprehensive portfolio, whether in photography, copywriting, editing, or acting, is crucial for success in these fields.

Distribution & Logistics

Transportation, distribution, and logistics offer a diverse and dynamic career path suitable for individuals with various skills and interests. The industry, bolstered by the exponential growth of online marketplaces, presents numerous job opportunities. It requires essential skills like time management, planning, and troubleshooting. Careers in this field range from technical support and warehouse management to physical labor, ensuring a steady demand for professionals. This sector is a viable choice for stable and varied employment opportunities.

Education & Training

The field of Education and Training presents a promising career path, as global trends indicate a persistent demand for skilled professionals. Studies suggest that by 2030, numerous countries may face a shortage of teachers necessary to deliver quality education to all children. The increasing enrollment in universities, technical colleges, and e-learning platforms worldwide further underscores the need for a consistent supply of educators, trainers, subject-matter experts, tutors, and assessors. This suggests that careers in education and training are both in demand and crucial for future educational developments.


Finance is pivotal in our daily lives, being as crucial as any other fundamental aspect. It’s the expertise of financial professionals that ensures the security and growth of our monetary resources. They manage bank accounts, offer loans, insure properties, and guide investment decisions. A career in finance involves applying mathematical and statistical skills to strategically manage and enhance the financial assets of individuals and organizations. This field is about numbers and making informed decisions that impact financial health and stability.