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With its intricate mix of tradition and modernity, Japan is an ideal place to explore a new culture. On one hand, you’ve got an ancient culture represented by tea ceremonies and graceful gardens. On the other, you have high-speed trains, striking efficiency and hyper-modern skyscrapers. Choose an academic year or semester program to Japan and prepare for complete immersion into one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

By attending a local high school and living with a host family, you’ll get to experience Japanese life from the inside. This is your chance to get to know the language, customs, and people of the nation called “The Land of the Rising Sun.” Challenge yourself in a country whose unique popular culture, competitive academics, and dedication to technological advancement are world famous. Japan’s culture is complex and full of contrasts, so you’re bound to have an exciting, educational adventure.

The Japanese people work hard but keep active and entertained, participating in activities like kendo (Japanese fencing), kabuki (theatre), and even baseball. No wonder Japan is one of the most popular study abroad programs. As an AFSer, you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to dive into Japanese culture and live with a host family while attending a local high school or language college (depending on which program you chose). Japanese society places high value on education, so your academic experience will be rigorous.

Your local chapter may organise activities throughout the course of your study, which may include parties or excursions to other cities or regions in Japan. Also, over the course of your program, AFS staff and volunteers will meet with you at orientations to evaluate your experience and help with your cultural adjustment.

Eligibility Requirements

Age on Departure: 15.5-17.4 years old

Some graduates accepted; in condition that they are motivated for school activities and capable of complying with the expectations of Japanese high school schools to be a model to Japanese students by showing good motivation and achievement toward both academic and extra curricular activities as well as to interact well with 15-16 age classmates.

Basic English is minimum requirement if the participant does not speak Japanese.

Students with ongoing mental/psychological conditions and/or students who are within 12 months after completion of medical treatment and/or professional counselling for mental/psychological issues may not be accepted by AFS Japan.