Academic Freeze Argumentative Essay: Pros and Cons of Pausing the Educational System

Academic Freeze Argumentative Essay: Pros and Cons of Pausing the Educational System

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, the idea of an academic freeze has been gaining traction, sparking debates across different sectors of society. Some argue that pausing the educational system would provide students with a much-needed respite from the challenges brought about by the crisis. Supporters of the academic freeze believe that this could give them the time and space to process their experiences and focus on their mental health, which is often neglected in traditional educational settings. Moreover, proponents argue that introducing an academic freeze would allow students to engage in other activities that they are passionate about, such as pursuing interests outside of their regular curriculum.

However, there are also those who are skeptical about the benefits of an academic freeze. They argue that halting the educational system would only lead to a disruption in learning, causing students to fall behind in their studies. Critics express concerns about the potential consequences of such a pause, as it may result in a significant loss of knowledge and skills among students. Furthermore, opponents claim that the academic freeze may exacerbate existing inequalities in education, as not all students have equal access to resources and support outside of the classroom.

On the one hand, supporters of the academic freeze highlight the importance of the holistic development of students. They argue that education is not only about academic achievements, but also about fostering well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the world. By pausing the educational system, students would have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection, discover their passions, and explore other areas of interest that may not be covered in their regular curriculum.

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Ask a Librarian

A librarian is a human guide who can provide valuable assistance to students. They have expertise in navigating through vast databases and resources, ensuring students have access to relevant and reliable information. Librarians can suggest examples and sources from various fields of study, helping students support their arguments effectively.

With the academic freeze in place, students may find themselves with more time on their hands. By utilizing the services of a librarian, they can make the most of this extra time by conducting thorough research and improving their understanding of the topic. Librarians can assist in finding scholarly articles, books, and other resources that can enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

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Librarians are not only knowledgeable about resources and information, but they also provide a vital human connection. They are there to listen, understand, and empathize with students’ struggles. In these challenging times, this form of support can be crucial for students’ mental well-being.

Moreover, librarians play a vital role in supporting the frontliners of academia – the professors and instructors. They can assist in compiling reading lists, curating electronic resources, and providing guidance on integrating information literacy skills into the curriculum.

Assignment Examples

During this academic freeze, it is essential to provide students with examples of well-written assignments. These examples can serve as a valuable resource for students who are unsure of how to approach their own assignments. By providing them with concrete examples, we can help students gain a better understanding of the expectations and requirements of their academic tasks.

Supporting Mental Health

The academic freeze also provides an opportunity to prioritize the mental well-being of students. The pressure of academic expectations can often take a toll on students’ mental health, leading to increased stress and anxiety. By pausing the educational system, students will have more time to prioritize their mental well-being and take a break from the constant demands of their studies.

The Collective Experience

One of the benefits of an academic freeze is the collective experience it provides for students. By pausing the educational system, students can come together and engage in collective activities that are not possible during regular academic semesters.

For example, students could form study groups to revise past lessons or prepare for future ones. They could also organize online forums or virtual events to discuss topics related to their studies. This collective experience can foster a sense of community and camaraderie among students, even if they are physically apart.

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Furthermore, students can also use this time to engage in activities that are not directly related to their studies. They could explore new hobbies, learn new skills, or simply take a break and recharge. By encouraging students to make the most out of this academic freeze, we can help them develop a more well-rounded and holistic approach to their studies and personal growth.

More Help

Librarian Assistance

A librarian can be a valuable resource when conducting research for your academic freeze essay. They are knowledgeable in finding relevant information and can guide you in locating scholarly articles, books, and other resources. Visit your school or local library and ask a librarian for assistance in finding reliable sources that support your arguments.

Online Writing Guides

There are many online writing guides and resources available that can help you with composing your argumentative essay. These guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to structure your essay, develop strong arguments, and use language effectively. Some websites even offer examples of well-written academic essays to serve as a guide for your own writing.

Collaboration with Peers

Consider forming a study group with your classmates who are also working on their argumentative essays. By discussing and sharing ideas with others, you can gain different perspectives and insights that may strengthen your own arguments. Peer feedback can also help you identify any weaknesses in your essay and suggest improvements.

Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or professor for guidance. They can provide valuable feedback and advice for refining your argumentative essay on the academic freeze.

Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but an opportunity to grow and improve. Through utilizing the available resources and support systems, you can enhance your academic performance and produce a well-written and well-argued essay on the topic of the academic freeze.

ENG 123 – Composition

The composition course will not only verify students’ understanding of various writing styles and techniques but also provide them with the necessary tools to write effective essays. With the freeze in the academic system due to the ongoing pandemic, access to support and guidance in subjects such as composition becomes even more vital for students.

During this challenging time, students may feel mentally and academically overwhelmed. The ENG 123 – Composition course can provide them with the required assistance to navigate through their studies. Whether it be asking a human librarian for help, requesting examples of well-written essays, or seeking guidance on how to structure their composition, students are welcome to reach out for support.

With the academic freeze in place, students would only have limited access to resources and support. However, ENG 123 – Composition aims to bridge that gap and ensure that students continue to receive the necessary guidance and assistance. The course seeks to mitigate the impact of the academic freeze on students’ mental well-being and academic progress.

  • Support in composition writing techniques
  • Guidance on essay structure and organization
  • Examples of well-written compositions
  • Assistance to enhance language skills

Frontliners of the ENG 123 – Composition course are committed to helping students navigate through their academic writing journey. They are readily available to assist students in any way possible and offer support during this challenging time.

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Academic Support

Firstly, students often seek academic support from their teachers, librarians, and counselors. These frontliners are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help students navigate through assignments, verify information, and provide guidance in research and composition. They can also assist students in developing critical thinking skills necessary for an argumentative essay or any other academic task.

Moreover, academic support extends to the mental and emotional well-being of students. Many educational institutions offer counseling services to provide students with a safe space to discuss their concerns, anxiety, or any other challenges they may face during their academic journey. These services are crucial in maintaining the overall well-being of students and ensuring that they have access to the necessary support system.

Furthermore, academic support is not limited to human interaction. With the advancement of technology, students now have access to virtual libraries, online resources, and educational platforms that can help them with their studies. These online platforms offer a wide range of materials, examples, and guides that students can use to enhance their understanding of various subjects and improve their academic performance.

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Supporting the argumentative essay on academic freeze, verifying the user’s human identity can also serve as a form of collective responsibility. Educational institutions have a duty to protect the mental and emotional well-being of their students, especially during these challenging times. By verifying that individuals accessing online learning resources are human, institutions can ensure that the support and guidance provided are given to real students who may be facing various challenges.


What is an academic freeze?

An academic freeze refers to a temporary pause in the educational system, where all academic activities including classes, exams, and assignments are put on hold.

What are the pros of implementing an academic freeze?

The pros of implementing an academic freeze include providing students and educators with a much-needed break from the rigorous academic routine, reducing stress and burnout, allowing time for personal development and self-care, and potentially alleviating the mental health issues associated with academic pressures.

What are the cons of implementing an academic freeze?

The cons of implementing an academic freeze may include disrupting the learning continuity, delaying the completion of degrees, causing financial difficulties for educational institutions, and reducing overall productivity in the economy.

Are there any alternative solutions to an academic freeze?

Yes, some alternative solutions to an academic freeze may involve adjusting the academic curriculum to be more flexible and accommodating, implementing additional support services for students, and promoting a healthier work-life balance among students and educators.

How can an academic freeze impact students’ future prospects?

An academic freeze may impact students’ future prospects by potentially delaying their graduation and entry into the job market, disrupting internships or practical training opportunities, and requiring additional effort to catch up with missed coursework and academic progress.

What is an academic freeze?

An academic freeze refers to the temporary suspension or pause of the educational system, where no new admissions or classes are conducted for a certain period of time.

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