140 Persuasive Essay Topics College Style Ideas | Your Ultimate Guide

140 Persuasive Essay Topics College Style Ideas | Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to persuasive essay topics, the distribution of ideas is limitless. With the advancement of technology, students are now able to find a wide range of subjects to write about. From the persuasive power of traditional American musicals to the importance of green practices in our cities, there are countless ideas and prompts to get you started on your persuasive essay journey.

One topic that has become increasingly popular among college students is the persuasive power of speeches. Students are now delving into the art of persuasion, learning how to convince and motivate others through their writing. This style of writing is not limited to high schools and universities. It can be applied to any subject and any level of education.

Another subject that often comes up in persuasive essays is the issue of freedom of speech. Many students argue that there should be limits on what can be said and written, while others believe in the absolute right to express oneself. Both viewpoints have valid points, and it is up to the writer to make a convincing argument for their stance.

For those who are passionate about animals, there are plenty of persuasive essay topics to choose from. Whether it’s advocating for the adoption of pets from shelters, or arguing against the mistreatment of animals in circuses, there are many important issues to address.

In addition to these subjects, there are also more serious topics to consider. For example, students can explore the effects of PTSD on military veterans, or argue for the legalization of certain drugs. These topics require extensive research and careful consideration, but they can also lead to impactful and thought-provoking essays.

Overall, the key to writing a persuasive essay is to find a topic that you are passionate about, a topic that will allow you to make a strong argument and convince your audience. Take the time to brainstorm and come up with a list of potential topics, and then choose the one that you feel most strongly about. With a solid thesis statement and a well-organized plan, you can create a persuasive essay that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Persuasive Essay Topics College Style Ideas

1. The Power of Time: How Proper Time Management Can Help Students Succeed

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2. Colleges and Universities: Should They Be Treated as Businesses?

3. The Importance of High Schools Teaching Basic Finance

4. Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

5. The Benefits of Year-Round Schools

6. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Animal Testing

7. The Right to Free Speech on College Campuses

8. How Social Media Is Affecting the Mental Health of College Students

9. The Effects of Climate Change and How Individuals Can Make a Difference

10. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

11. Why College Tuition Costs Should Be Lowered

12. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Purchasing Decisions

13. The Importance of Teaching Financial Literacy in High Schools

14. The Benefits of Having a Pet in College

15. The Role of Technology in Education

16. The Impact of Social Media on Society

17. The Benefits of Studying Abroad

18. The Importance of Teaching Sex Education in Schools

19. The Effects of Bullying on Mental Health

20. The History and Impact of African-American Music

21. The Benefits of Physical Education in Schools

22. The Role of Technology in Medicine

23. The Impact of Social Media on Political Activism

24. The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking in Schools

25. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Academic Performance

26. The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

27. The Role of Art in Society

28. The Impact of Fast Food on Health

29. The Importance of Teaching Personal Finance in Schools

30. The Effects of Global Warming on the Environment

As you can see, there are numerous persuasive essay topics in various themes to choose from. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced writer, there is a topic that suits your needs. These topics cover a wide range of issues, from ethical and social concerns to personal and health-related matters. By choosing a topic that resonates with you and conducting thorough research, you can create a compelling persuasive essay that grabs the reader’s attention.

If you need additional assistance in choosing the best topic or structuring your essay, check out our persuasive essay writing guide. It will provide you with useful tips and advice to help you craft a persuasive essay that is well-researched and organized. Good luck!

Your Ultimate Guide

For beginner learners, it’s advisable to start with less complex topics. Consider writing about the importance of pets in a child’s development or the benefits of green technology. These subjects are not only educational but also easy to research using credible sources.

As you advance in your writing skills, you can tackle more complex topics. For example, you can persuade your audience about the need to save the environment by adopting eco-friendly habits or the importance of learning about the historical traditions of different American states.

One common misconception is that persuasive essays are only relevant to college students. However, they are also crucial for high school students. In fact, schools should implement a course dedicated to persuasion to help teenagers develop their critical thinking skills and the ability to convince others.

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When choosing a persuasive essay topic, it’s important to consider your target audience. If you’re writing for an audience aged 12 and younger, you can persuade them about the importance of eating healthy or the benefits of exercise. On the other hand, if your audience is aged 20 and older, you can focus on topics like the impact of technology on society or the rights of Puerto Rican citizens.

Another essential factor to keep in mind is the persuasiveness of your argument. To make your essay stand out, provide compelling reasons why your perspective is valid. For example, you can persuade your readers that gothic architecture is the most impressive by showcasing stellar examples and highlighting the unique features it possesses.

Lastly, it is important to limit your essay to a specific subject to ensure focus and clarity. Writing about 20 different points on a broad topic will only confuse your audience. Instead, choose a narrow subject and provide strong arguments to persuade your readers effectively.

Advanced Persuasive Essay Topics

The Power of Education

1. Funding in Education: How should funding for educational institutions be allocated to ensure equal opportunities for all students?

2. Online Learning: Is online learning the future of education or does it have limitations that need to be addressed?

3. Technology in the Classroom: Should technology be integrated into the classroom for a more effective learning experience or does it pose a threat to traditional learning methods?

Health and Wellness

1. Mental Health: What can be done to improve mental health support in schools and universities?

2. Medical Research Funding: Should the government allocate more funding towards medical research or are there more pressing issues to address?

3. Illegal Drugs: Should drug use be treated as a medical issue rather than a criminal offense?

Social and Cultural Issues

1. Puerto Rico’s Statehood: Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood or should it remain a territory of the United States?

2. Gothic Lifestyle: Is the gothic lifestyle a valid form of self-expression or is it simply a cry for attention?

3. Cultural Appropriation: Should cultural appropriation be seen as a form of appreciation or as a disrespectful act?

Environmental Concerns

1. Green Technology: How can green technology help in saving the planet and promoting sustainable living?

2. Natural Energy Sources: Should the government invest more in natural energy sources such as solar and wind power?

3. Plastic Pollution: What measures should be taken to reduce plastic pollution and its impact on the environment?

These advanced persuasive essay topics offer a great degree of freedom when it comes to choosing the right course of argumentation. With the main components of a persuasive essay at your disposal, you can now brainstorm ideas and choose the best topics that will showcase your stellar writing skills. So go ahead and take your persuasive essay writing to the next level!

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College Paper Writing Tips

Writing a college paper requires strong argumentation and a compelling topic. With so many subjects to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Here are some tips to help you compose a persuasive and convincing essay:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you: When you are passionate about the subject matter, it will be easier to write a persuasive essay. Find a topic that is meaningful to you and that you feel strongly about.
  2. Do thorough research: Gather information from reliable sources to support your arguments. This could include academic journals, studies, or expert opinions. Make sure to cite your sources properly.
  3. Consider different perspectives: As you develop your argument, try to anticipate counterarguments and address them in your essay. This shows that you have considered all angles of the topic and strengthens your position.
  4. Use clear and concise language: Avoid using overly complex language or jargon that may confuse your reader. Instead, present your ideas in a straightforward and understandable manner.
  5. Edit and proofread your essay: Once you have finished writing, go back and revise your work for clarity, coherence, and grammar. Make sure your sentences are well-formed and your paragraphs flow logically.

Writing a college paper can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you can create a compelling and persuasive piece of writing. Remember to stay organized, conduct thorough research, and present your arguments in a clear and convincing manner.


What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing where the writer tries to convince the reader to accept their point of view or take a specific action.

Why is it important to choose a compelling topic for persuasive writing

Choosing a compelling topic is important for persuasive writing because it will grab the reader’s attention and make them more likely to agree with the writer’s argument.

What are some guidelines for finding a good topic for a persuasive essay?

Some guidelines for finding a good topic for a persuasive essay include selecting a topic that you are passionate about, choosing a topic that is current and relevant, considering your audience, and conducting thorough research.

Can you give me some examples of persuasive essay topics for college students?

Sure! Some examples of persuasive essay topics for college students include the importance of voting, the legalization of marijuana, the impact of social media on society, the need for stricter gun control laws, and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

How can I make my persuasive essay more persuasive?

To make your persuasive essay more persuasive, you can use strong evidence and examples to support your argument, address counterarguments and provide rebuttals, use emotional appeals, and present your ideas in a clear and logical manner.

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