To speak with an AFS Intercultural Programs Australia Representative, call 1300 131 736 or 02 9215 0077.

You can find us at Level 4, 418a Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
You can post mail to: PO Box 5, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012

The AFS National Office business hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (Sydney time)

In case of an emergency involving an AFS participant (either in Australia or overseas) outside of our business hours, please call 0414 594 694 and speak with the AFS Duty Officer.


Sydney office

Our AFS Australia Office

Listed below are the current staff of the AFS Australia National Office which is located in Sydney.

Kirrilee Hughes
Dr Kirrilee Hughes

Partner Director & CEO
Kirrilee is an AFS Returnee (Indonesia, 1996/97) and now inspires and leads AFS staff and volunteers across Australia. She wants more young Australians to experience other cultures through educational experiences and to learn to be open to difference.

Phone: 02 9215 0043

Fran Baxter bw
Fran Baxter

Senior Manager – Education & Development
Fran has held various roles with AFS Australia over the last 25 years… Host Mum, Sending Mum, Volunteer Leader and now she leads intercultural learning services within AFS Australia for existing and new programs and for participants, volunteers, schools, staff and other stakeholders. Fran works Mondays – Wednesdays and on Fridays.

Phone: 02 9215 0005

Sally Farquharson
Sally Farquharson

Finance Manager
Sally is our resident numbers expert and manages the finance function here at AFS Australia. She is a Chartered Accountant and works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Phone: 02 9215 0033

Jessica Watkins
Jessica Watkins

Support Coordinator
Jess ensures that our inbound and outbound participants as well as host families have the support they need for a successful AFS experience. Jess also coordinates and trains AFS Support Volunteers who are the first point of contact for many of our participants.

Phone: 02 9215 0062

Monique Ribeiro
Monique Ribeiro

Manager – Programs Team
Monique supervises our Sending and Hosting Coordinators as well as plans and reviews processes to ensure the smooth operation of all AFS programs in Australia.

Phone: 02 9215 0003

Laure Maraval
Laure Maraval

Sending Coordinator
Are you interested in participating in one of AFS Australia’s outbound programs? Laure will inspire you about our diverse range of host destinations and help you through the application process.

Phone: 02 9215 0007

Lea Bouillet 3
Lea Bouillet

Hosting Coordinator
Lea is an AFS Returnee (Year Program, from France to China, 2009/10). Lea coordinates the placement of AFS participants in host families across Australia and will get you and your family excited about the AFS hosting experience.

Phone: 02 9215 0004

Claudia Rojas
Claudia Rojas

Volunteer & Alumni Development Coordinator
Claudia is an AFS Returnee (Year Program from Venezuela to Germany, 1992/93) and has a professional background in strategic human resource management. At AFS Australia, Claudia coordinates recruitment and training for our 300+ volunteers across Australia and works on exciting projects to engage AFS Returnees and alumni.

Phone: 02 9215 0077

Claudia Arici
Claudia Arici

Assistant – Programs Team
Claudia is an AFS Returnee (from Italy to the USA, 2003/04). She now assists the AFS Australia Programs Team to place AFS participants in Australian host families and for Australian participants to go abroad on AFS programs.

Phone: 02 9215 0002

Amira Yusufu
Amira Yusufu

Administration Assistant 
Amira is the newest addition to the AFS Australia Team and keep ours office running smoothly! Amira also coordinates travel for inbound and outbound AFS participants.

Phone: 02 9215 0072

Our local volunteers



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