Clarice Campbell AIYEP 2016-2017

Director, TAFE Victoria, Indonesia at Global Victoria

I was lucky enough to be selected for AIYEP36 (2017-18) which was held in Bengkulu, Sumatra and it became one of the most formative experiences of my life so far. I made wonderful friends and gained two new host families who lovingly opened up their homes to my counterpart and I. The village phase exposed me to new community development practices and provided me with a greater understanding of appreciating the simple things in life while the city phase allowed me to utilise my areas of expertise in academia to better my internship workplace. While I learnt a lot professionally, the most important takeaway of the program for me was ‘relationship over task’ as while it was important to work hard on the community development projects and internships, the success of the program was reliant on the relationships you built along the way. The program is a true reflection of the ways our two countries can work together, supporting meaningful development projects that have a lasting community impact and fostering life-long friendships. Anyone vaguely interested in Indonesia should apply, it was a truly life-changing experience.