“…how wonderful it has been to host Wahyu for his internship. He is fast and efficient and has made wonderful progress on the research projects we have involved him in.  Today he is attending the Discipline of General Practice’s research day, so that he can meet more GPs and make some connections to clinicians and researchers within his specific discipline. It should be a good networking day for him. I can’t believe tomorrow will be his last day, it has flown by.”

AIYEP36 Work Placement Host

“One of the best things in AIYEP is getting a work or professional experience through an internship. I interned at The Public Education Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing life-changing scholarships to young people in public education and enhancing the value and reputation of public schools. For me, it was a very good opportunity to be able to work in this organisation because I have been dreaming about making a similar foundation back home in Bali. Therefore, the knowledge I obtained in this foundation will bring me closer to my dream.”

Dewa Puteri Handayani, AIYEP36

I was placed on a three-week internship at the Australian Museum. It is an awesome Museum; the most magnificent I have seen in my life. I got an opportunity to do research about Minangkabau, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander, database of collection and writing article. All things are well organized and structured. How lucky I am to be an intern here. I have so much to observe, to learn and I hope to contribute a little.”

Prima Hidayoza, AIYEP36, Australian Museum

“Interning at the University of Sydney confirmed for me that this is exactly the kind of work I want to do in the future. Overall, I really enjoyed my internship, particularly proofing and analysing articles. I am sure this skill will benefit my future career. Whichever way I look at my time in my host organisation, I am certain about one thing: I have learned many good life lessons in Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, The University of Sydney.”

Mochammad Dimas Andra Saputra, AIYEP36. The Southeast Asia Centre, University of Sydney