Forget your comfort zone, and become a global citizen with AFS

Whether you are in high school, at a university or jump-starting your career, AFS has the right exchange program for you! Be fluent in another language and experience a new environment. Whether its being in a new school or finding opportunities for cultural internships and volunteer abroad. Your host families and volunteers are waiting to help make your intercultural learning experience the best time of your life.

Creating global citizens and empowering changemakers

These days you don’t have to go far to find an AFSer making a difference in local communities. They are across the industries or at the forefront of an important international issue or social cause.

How AFS prepares Global Citizens

Open up your world to new possibilities

AFS intercultural adventures transform your life forever! We call it the #AFSeffect

Grow Global

Broaden your insights about the world. Experience new traditions as you see diverse perspectives in culture and religion. Take time to appreciate the important world issues around you.


Create Change

Build bridges across cultures by creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Be the change that opens their mind to view the world the way you’ve experience it.


Build Skills

Become fluent with a new language and find ways to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Build skills that you’ll take back home and use for a lifetime.


Find Yourself

Discover new things about yourself and witness how you rise up to the challenges. Learn how to turn challenging situations into valuable opportunities to grow and become more mature.