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AFS prepares and activates global citizens of all ages and backgrounds—and we support a global movement to advance intercultural learning and global citizenship education, especially in schools, university and youth organisations.

Universities and employers seek students and young adults who have a sense of the world beyond their own communities—and are comfortable interacting with people from other countries and cultures.

AFS helps schools create dynamic intercultural workshops, class exchanges and events to enrich the entire school community. We collaborate with educators and education ministries to develop local, regional and national intercultural learning and global citizenship education policies and initiatives.

Find out how our skills-building curriculum prepares young people to live, work and help make the world a better place at home or across the globe.

Globally Engaged Learners

These programs are only available for Victorian Government High Schools

Supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, AFS under the Globally Engaged Learners (GEL) program is offering two fully funded intercultural learning opportunities for government high schools. The Globally Engaged Learners program increases the number of Victorian students involved in meaningful internationalisation activities in order to develop their global awareness and intercultural understanding and to support them to develop the skills they require to be successful, interconnected, active and informed global citizens. AFS Australia has been selected by the Department as a high-quality provider of intercultural capability and global citizenship education programs.

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Globally Engaged Learners: Program Options

Below are two program options for Globally Engaged Learners

Student Intercultural Leadership Mentoring Program

This leadership program creates a group of Student Mentors in your school who can support international students; recently arrived refugees or migrants; or other new arrivals in your school community. The program can complement existing peer support practice or international student programs in your school.

The program commences with a highly interactive workshop which prepares Student Mentors to implement a structured approach to mentoring students who have recently joined your school community and represent different cultures. Following the workshop, Student Mentors commence mentoring their nominated mentee throughout a school term. The program concludes with a webinar for participants to share and reflect on their experiences. The program can accommodate groups of up to 20 students from a single school, or a group of 20 students drawn from multiple schools within one DET region.

After completing the program, students will:
  • Understand basic concepts of culture
  • Recognise their own cultural perspective
  • Apply techniques to suspend judgment in intercultural contexts
  • Build mentoring skills
  • Practise student support and mentoring through structured reflective activities

Participating schools must provide a venue for the Workshop. Webinar platforms are provided by AFS Intercultural Programs Australia.

Who is this program for:
  • High school students in years 7 – 12

Intercultural Capability Workshops

These workshops focus on experiential learning and provide participating students with key intercultural competences. Workshops can be delivered in full-day or half-day formats in high schools for students from a single year group or across a range of year groups. For primary school students, workshops can be delivered in formats of up to half-day durations for students in Years 5 and/or 6. Workshops can cater for a maximum of 100 students and a minimum of 20 students.

After participating in this Workshop, students will be able to:
  • Define culture and recognise the impact of culture on their daily life
  • Understand different concepts of culture
  • Apply techniques to suspend judgment in intercultural contexts
  • Build awareness of global citizenship and identify opportunities to apply this learning in their school community

Content will be contextualised to local school environments and be age-appropriate.

Participating schools will need to provide a venue for the Workshop.

Who is this program for:
  • Primary school students years 5 – 6
  • High school students in years 7 – 12

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AFS is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training

AFS Australia continues to work with the Victoria Department of Education and Training on a range of innovative, internationalisation activities including the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program and the International Student Forum.